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Transport Russia & CIS

Eastlink provides weekly FTL (Full Truck Loads) and LTL-shipments (groupage- and part loads) to and from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, better known as CIS. Our transport service to and from these countries are efficient and competitive. We work with country specialists who speak the language of the customer to make sure the communication goes smooth.

Your logistics well organized

The transport activities of Eastlink are supported by our office in Moscow. Our local specialists accompany your shipments in the area of all logistics and customs formalities. You don’t need to worry about your shipments.

Eastlink also offers transport by rail, sea (St. Petersburg & Vladivostok) or a combination of road- and sea/rail transport. Goods with destinations Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc. are transported by sea (short-sea) to the Baltic States where we reload the containers to rail wagons.

Because there is formed one Customs Union with Byelorussia, Kirgizia, Armenia and Kazakhstan (EACU), all customs affairs can be centralized. From China FCL & LCL shipments can be delivered direct via Vladivostok, St. Petersburg & Baltics to Russia & CIS.

Airfreight to and from Russia & CIS is professionally executed by our specialists in Moscow. For all destinations within the EACU Union all customs affairs can be arranged centralized on each requested airport.

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