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Other logistics services

Sea- & Airfreight to and from Europe

Both services we arrange with the excellent service via the specialty of our sister company Coastlink. In combination with your shipments oversea we arrange the most efficient and best suitable pre- and after transport via road and/or intermodal transport barge and rail. For barge- and rail transport we use the services between barge- and rail terminals with the port of Rotterdam.

More information about Sea- and Airfreight?
Visit the website of Coastlink.

Distribution & Warehousing

Within Benelux and Europe Eastlink uses the specialty of mother company Claassen Logistics. In Tilburg Eastlink uses space in the warehouses of Claassen Logistics and offers free and bonded warehousing.

More information about Distribution & Warehousing?
Visit the website of Claassen.

Custom affairs

We arrange all custom affairs for you and provide declaration for import, export & bonded transit (T1). If customs want to make an inspection we take care of everything in order not to have unnecessary delay.

Fiscal representation

With the fiscal representation of Eastlink you can import goods in to the European Union (EU) without paying import-VAT. Eastlink acts as your fiscal representative. Eastlink has a special license which arranges that you don’t need to pay VAT at import in the EU and that you can also sell without VAT within the EU. This makes sales in Europe easier. In addition, you always meet the set rules and you don’t have to worry about the VAT.

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