Offices in Tilburg, Netherlands
and Moscow, Russia

Tilburg Office

In the Netherlands Eastlink is located in logistic “hotspot” Tilburg. Tilburg is geographically very convenient in relation to the ports of Rotterdam & Antwerp and is the “gateway” to Europe.

The people of Eastlink have more than 25 years experience with logistics and have decent know-how of the International Supply Chain, Forwarding Business, customs affairs and fiscal representation.

We have all knowledge to advise you how to do business with Russia and which preparation is needed for an optimized logistic operation.

Asteriastraat 8
5047 RM Tilburg
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)13 763 05 14

Moscow Office

In Russia Eastlink is located in metropolis Moscow, the heart of logistics to and from Russia & CIS.

Our Russian colleagues have more than 15 years experience with logistics and have a very professional knowledge of the Russian market. They are specialized in various transport modalities like computer hardware, industrial goods, gas/oil industry, chemicals, etc.

Custom affairs for the EACU countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Armenia and Byelorussia) can be arranged centralized in one of these countries. The customs procedures in Russia are very complex and work complete different than in most of the other countries. Eastlink regulates these procedures based on partial deliveries, as importer or as commission agent. You don’t need to worry about customs problems. Eastlink has its own department for certification of your products.

You can trust on Eastlink Moscow taking care of your complete logistic process from A till Z.

Business park Rumiancevo
22 km Kievskoe shosse
Moscow, Russia
T: +7-916-2680273

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